The North Summit 2024: Shaping the Future of AI

AI/R Group, a global leader in AI-driven digital transformation, announced online registration is open for the 2004 edition of The North Summit, sponsored by AWS, a gathering of industry leaders and AI innovators on May 14, 2024, from 9 AM to 5 PM (ET).   

With the theme of “AI: Revolution Fast Forward,” this year’s summit will deliver a day of profound insights not available anywhere else, as executives from some of the largest global brands in financial services, retail, logistics, and consumer goods share their experiences applying Gen AI to expand their businesses.  

Alexander De Ridder, SmythOS CTO & Co-Founder, and Troy O’Brien, AI21 Labs Alliance Sales Director, will participate in the Visionaire Keynote Session “Destination: AI – Future-Proofing Businesses with Artificial Intelligence” to explain why AI is not just an option, but a new paradigm redefining how we think and do digital. They will also show how businesses can act to future-proof their brands.​ 

Participants include over 30 executives and industry leaders, who will discuss the future and implications of AI in business and explore ongoing transformations in six expert panels featuring CEOs from prominent firms. Each panel will host up to five influential speakers, delving into the future and ramifications of AI in business. 

Featured moderators include: 

  • Kimberley Ann Hagerty​, Chief Supply Chain Officer, Compass UOL​ 
  • Ulyana Zilbermints, CEO, Avenue Code 
  • Gary Haymann, CRO, Edgy 
  • Renato Bolzan, Founder and CEO, Invillia 
  • Lisa McIlvoy, CODO, Webjump 
  • Gustavo Rodrigues, CEO, Everymind 

AI/R Global CEO Alexis Rockenbach will deliver opening remarks, revisiting last year’s topics, and exploring the ongoing AI transformation. He will also summarize key takeaways in the closing session, setting the stage for future discussions.  

The North Summit 2024 is a unique opportunity to gain practical insights from the executives working on the future of Gen AI transition today. Register now for free to secure your spot and be part of the AI Revolution at   

About AI/R 

AI/R Group is an AI powerhouse comprised of six leading global brands: Compass UOL, Avenue Code, Invillia, Everymind, Webjump and Edgy. It employs over 5,400 people worldwide. AI/R Group designs and builds cutting-edge platforms using innovative technologies augmented by the power of Data, AI, and Gen AI to unlock client’s digital transformation potential. AI/R Group helps global enterprises innovate and thrive in their industries while nurturing the best talent, creating opportunities to improve people’s lives, and focusing on how AI can positively impact society. 

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