Oak Rocket merges into Compass UOL, becoming part of AI/R Group

Unlocking the power of industry-driven Data, AI and Gen AI platforms, while helping customers to migrate and optimize cloud workloads 

AI/R, the AI/Revolution Group, a global leader in AI Transformation services, announced today the successful acquisition of Oak Rocket, one of the fastest growing companies in the United States specializing in AWS cloud adoption. 

The significant move happens as companies in every industry across the country look to put generative AI applications in front of customers by taking advantage of the broad LLM selection in AWS cloud services. 

As part of the acquisition, Oak Rocket’s CEO Dao Jensen will become President of the new Compass UOL AWS business unit of AI/R Group, serving AWS customers in the U.S. and all countries outside Latin America.  

Compass UOL, one of the first partners in the new AWS Generative AI competency program globally, now onboards the Oak Rocket’s AWS-certified team to deliver comprehensive AWS services, including focus on Migrations, Application Modernization, FinOps (Cloud Financial Operations), and notably, Data, AI and Gen AI transformation capabilities to clients from North America and other countries. 

“With the addition of Oak Rocket to the Compass UOL team and part of the AI/Revolution Group, we have made a great leap to the future by putting a full array of Data and Artificial Intelligence resources at the disposal of whoever needs our services,” said Alexis Rockenbach, co-founder of Compass UOL and Global CEO of AI/R Group. “We are now the referential company to help navigate any client through the vast universe of AWS services and generative AI tools.” 

Gil Torquato, Chairman of AI/R Group, agreed with Rockenbach. “The incorporation of Oak Rocket’s expertise into our AWS services division is a game-changer,” said Torquato. “This not only strengthens our presence in the US but also accelerates our mission to provide cutting-edge AI transformation solutions to our customers.” 

Since starting Oak Rocket in 2013, Jensen turned it into a well-known AWS partner, growing fast on its expertise in cloud adoption and cost optimization, and having built a solid collaboration with AWS, with special presence in several extremely successful startups in the Bay Area. These strengths will be significantly enhanced by the combination of both companies, where Oak Rocket resources will be elevating their customer innovation focus and capabilities, transitioning to operate with the global Compass UOL teams and the Compass UOL brand. 

“Joining the greater AI/R family is the right decision at the right time,” said Jensen. “It’s a win-win-win; for Oak Rocket, for Compass UOL and AI/R Group, and, ultimately, for customers, who will benefit from the enhanced services that will result from our partnership.” 

This acquisition is a testament to AI/R’s commitment to expanding its footprint in the American market and propelling, through Compass UOL, the growth of its AWS service unit in the country.  


About AI/R 

AI/R Group is an AI powerhouse comprised of six leading global brands: Compass UOL, Avenue Code, Invillia, Everymind, Webjump and Edgy. It employs over 5,400 people worldwide. AI/R Group designs and builds cutting-edge platforms using innovative technologies augmented by the power of Data, AI, and Gen AI to unlock client’s digital transformation potential. AI/R Group helps global enterprises innovate and thrive in their industries while nurturing the best talent, creating opportunities to improve people’s lives, and focusing on how AI can positively impact society.

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