Compasso UOL acquires WEBJUMP and expands its Adobe digital platform portfolio

WEBJUMP is recognized worldwide for its development of customized solutions for global e-commerce clients


São Paulo, October 2021 – Compasso UOL announces another strategic acquisition, expanding its digital transformation portfolio with focus on cutting-edge next-generation technologies. WEBJUMP, an Adobe Gold Partner and the only Latin America-based company with Adobe Commerce Specialization credentials, brings its expertise in customized, state-of-the-art e-commerce platform development to the group.

The acquisition adds another Adobe competency to Compasso UOL’s portfolio. In September, the company acquired Content Thread, an American digital agency specializing in Adobe Experience Manager.

“WEBJUMP is recognized and awarded worldwide for the development of disruptive and innovative solutions for its clients. In addition to strengthening our partnership with Adobe, this acquisition will leverage our ability to drive innovation on e-commerce platforms globally,” commented Alexis Rockenbach, CEO at Compasso UOL.

The Brazilian agency is specialized in Adobe Commerce and develops customized projects for middle-market and enterprise clients, with a focus on creating solutions to build engaging e-commerce experiences. With this acquisition, the company also expands its global relationship with Adobe, and gains access to opportunities to jointly promote the disruption of business models through digital commerce for companies in the North American and European markets.

“We remain faithful to our mission of developing business opportunities through challenging projects, that create value for our clients. We are, therefore, very happy to be part of the Compasso UOL group and we are certain that this partnership will generate opportunities to further accelerate our growth”, says Ivan Bastos, CEO at WEBJUMP.


About Compasso UOL

Compasso UOL is a company that cultivates top talent and uses cutting-edge technologies to build digital transformation solutions, helping clients thrive and be disruptive in their respective industries.

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