Compass UOL Sign A Partnership With Kanbanize, The World’s Leading Kanban Software For Agile Project And Portfolio Management

Compass UOL, a global digital transformation company, announces a partnership with Kanbanize, the world’s leading software for managing workflows and portfolios by applying the Kanban method. Through its Agile Transformation Innovation Studio, focused on Business Agility, the company has more than 160 agility professionals certified in the productivity enhancement method.

Kanbanize was founded in 2011, in Bulgaria, with the aim to help organizations worldwide continuously improve their processes and become more efficient. Currently they have more than 1000 customers using the tool with many success stories, which can be seen on their website

“The Kanban method is already used by Compass UOL in the development of solutions delivered to our customers. The agile mentality is one of our main differentials, which allows us to deliver digital products in an integrated, fast and financially efficient manner,” comments Rômulo de Lara, Head of Agility at Compass UOL.

With the partnership, Compass UOL becomes a global Kanbanize partner authorized to resell the company’s software licenses. In addition, clients from all over Brazil will be able to trade in local currency and have full consultancy for the tool. This will allow Compass UOL to act directly in the implementation of the method in the daily lives of its customers, with the adoption of an agile mentality in various spheres, far beyond the company’s projects.

“The partnership with Compass UOL is an important next step for Kanbanize, alongside setting up our local office in Sao Paulo. Joining forces is essential to increase Kanbanize’s reach in Brazil, enabling support in Portuguese and allowing clients to take advantage of the platform, while leveraging Compass UOL’s expertise in the Kanban method,” comments Dimitar Karaivanov, CEO of Kanbanize.

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