Avenue Code Announces AI Studio to Ground Large Language Models on Proprietary Data

Makes it easier to avoid ‘hallucinations’ by giving software agents proper context. 

Software consultancy Avenue Code, part of AI/R, announced today the enterprise availability of AI Studio, its solution to help companies put generative AI in production faster by using their own data to fine-tune the answers from large language models. 

Today, companies working to unlock GenAI’s transformative potential need to address the complex challenge of creating consistent and reliable software agents that avoid the sometime invented answers or ‘hallucinations’ of models trained on third-party data.  

AI Studio enables the rapid development and deployment of intelligent software solutions that deliver tangible results with a series of premade open-source integrations to tap proprietary data in ten different Google Cloud databases including MySQL, Alloy DB, Spanner, Firestore, Oracle, and others.   

“As a Google Cloud Premier partner, we are in an excellent position to empower companies to interact with and deploy large AI models,” said Avenue Code’s North America CEO Ulyana Zilbermints. “AI Studio is our contribution to a new generation of software solutions that drive efficiency, innovation, and customer engagement,” she said. 

Some examples of AI Studio solutions to provide more relevant answers include personalized product recommendations, question answering, document search and synthesis, and customer service automation. 

Avenue Code’s AI Studio Key Features: 

  • Agents Builder: Easily deploys agents to help any activities with digital interaction. 
  • Generative AI Interaction: Easily engage with and fine-tune large AI models. 
  • Deployment Made Simple: Quickly deploy your AI creations to production. 
  • Gemini Integration: AI Studio seamlessly integrates with Google’s new Gemini models, making it a breeze to develop prompts and build generative AI applications. 

AI/R Group’s developers started using AI Studio in March. The AI/R Group is comprised of Avenue Code, Compass UOL, Edgy, Invillia, Everymind, and Webjump, employing over 5,000 people worldwide.  

Learn more about Avenue Code or reach out to schedule a conversation.  


About AI/R 

AI/R is a global group of companies designing and building cutting-edge platforms using innovative technologies augmented by the power of Data, AI, and Gen AI to unlock our client’s digital transformation potential. We help global enterprises to innovate their businesses and thrive in their industries. We cultivate the best talent, creating opportunities to improve people’s lives and focusing on how AI can positively impact society. 

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