Compass UOL Releases AI Cockpit Software Engineering Suite for Enterprise Use

New generative AI tools help software squads speed up work beyond code generation. 

Digital services company Compass UOL released its AI Cockpit software engineering suite to the enterprise public, to help them speed up the creation of digital products, software, and apps by using generative AI throughout the entire software development lifecycle.      

Today, software developers at many enterprise organizations are testing generative AI models, like ChatGPT, to automate coding. AI Cockpit helps software teams take the next step by measuring the performance of any project and offering a selection of Generative AI tools to assist in all phases of software creation, including requirements gathering, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance.   

With custom dashboards and AI-based tools, AI Cockpit is a comprehensive way to quickly assess the efficiency of ongoing software outsourcing projects that enterprise teams are engaged in, and a powerful efficiency boost for any team which has already recognized the benefits of generative AI in software development. 

In addition to having its own tools, AI Cockpit also connects to and leverages the best AI, GenAI, and automation tools available in the market. 

Some sample tasks software teams are already using AI Cockpit for: 

  • Dashboards: A set of premade dashboards featuring over 40 indicators help identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and obstacles to delivery by tracking a project’s time dispersion vs. commitments along the entire workflow from lead time to queue time to process time.   
  • Epics: enter the persona, product, feature, and goals, and have AI Cockpit generate clear names, descriptions, benefits, business rules, risks, and even brief user stories. 
  • User stories: enter persona, product, feature, and goals, and get back fully fleshed out user stories including acceptance criteria and exceptions.  
  • Acceptance criteria: enter a user story and get back a set of acceptance and exception scenarios including Given/When/Then conditions.  
  • Dialogs: paste any user-facing text and have the heuristics tool analyze it for readability, concision, simplicity, universality, logic, guidance, user focus, and holistic approach—with recommendations for improvement.   
  • Personas: provide the company area, values, promise, and mission to generate a complete user persona including name, age, gender, occupation, style, essence, tone of voice, impression conveyed, and common words.   
  • Code documentation: paste any new or legacy code and get back detailed inline documentation comments or as markdown text.  

“We dedicate AI Cockpit to every developer who believes great software engineering is more than just coding and wants to get there faster,” said Compass UOL CEO Alexis Rockenbach. “We are already seeing up to 275% faster requirements gathering, up to 70% faster development, and 100% faster testing—and we know that thanks to AI Cockpit.” 

Dozens of Compass UOL’s enterprise customers are already using AI Cockpit to speed up software development across industries, including retail, consumer goods, finance, oil, mining, and agriculture.   

Compass UOL’s 6,000 software engineers have embraced AI Cockpit, bundled with industry-leading AI agents, to lead the ongoing AI transformation of Compass UOL’s global customers. They ground Compass UOL’s Generative AI research to augment developer talent and dramatically reduce project time. 


About Compass UOL 

Compass UOL is a global digital transformation services company. We design and build digital native platforms using cutting-edge technologies to help companies innovate, transform their businesses, and thrive in their industries. We cultivate the best talent, creating opportunities to improve people’s lives and focusing on how disruptive technologies can positively impact society. 

Fontes: MarketWatch

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