Compass UOL launches data-driven strategy accelerator for Banking at AWS re:Invent

Compass UOL, a global digital transformation company, announced this week an accelerator to unlock value with data-driven innovation as part of its movement to create offerings for the Financial Services market, providing deeper connection with this industry’s challenges for the next digital age.

There’s an ongoing digital battleground for the financial services market, once predominantly ruled by retail banks. With the rise of fintechs, and Big Techs accelerating to establish market share, companies are seeking to improve customer experience and defend their own shares. To that end, a highly recommended solution for retail banks, digital payment providers, and others is to leverage their extensive data for personalization and engagement toward a customer-centric business.

Compass UOL is at AWS re:Invent 2022, hosting exclusive activities for their customers with strategic accounts from the sector, where it will present how it will aggregate value to the segment.

The methodology, made for the Financial Services business model, will engage with top decision makers in organizations, explore their data potential, and create new Data Products to help shift their business strategy. Among the possible use cases are:

1) Wealth building and protection for customers with hyper-personalized investment recommendations (to prevent investment evasion)
2) Credit health detection signals for risk remediation recommendations
3) Quick loans approval with AI-based automated validation
4) Personalized banking services with tailored customer insights for relationship managers
5) Key talent retention (to reduce turnover) by increasing employee satisfaction with Human Attrition Predictive Intelligence


For faster business outcomes, Compass UOL develops data engineering and AI accelerators ready to be deployed.

Compass UOL positions itself not as an IT product company, but an agent helping leading global enterprises create their own digital products using accelerators, with tailor-made solutions for each business needs, less time and cost, and higher scalability.

“We’ve been guiding digital transformation to Financial Services companies for almost two decades while seeing the industry shift to a data-centered strategy. Our idea is to create industry-specific solutions that guide companies through their data-driven journey, and our methodology sets a vision to achieving strategic goals, deploying an MVP with perceptible outcomes and a roadmap to scale results. Our Data & Analytics Innovation Studio has more than 300 Specialists ready to help companies achieve their goals through data”, says Vinicius de Assumpção Silveira, Head of Data & Analytics at Compass UOL.

Fontes: Yahoo Finance

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