Compass UOL announces strategic partnership with mLogica to accelerate legacy modernization in banking and finance industry verticals

The synergy combines mLogica’s global expertise in services and products for legacy systems modernization with Compass UOL’s thought leadership in business transformation in the Latin American market and the ability to build cutting-edge digital products and platforms. 

Compass UOL, a global digital transformation company, announces a strategic partnership with US-based IT modernization and complex event analytics specialist, mLogica. Together, the two digital transformation experts will expand their legacy modernization offerings in Brazil and Latin America. A few months ago, Compass UOL signed another important strategic collaboration agreement with AWS to work together over the next five years to rapidly roll out efficient and advanced digital transformation solutions. 

Compass UOL’s opportunity to collaborate with mLogica originated through the AWS partner ecosystem. With global operations, mLogica specializes in automated mainframe and distributed system modernization. 

mLogica’s modernization solutions enable enterprises to seamlessly migrate their legacy applications to the cloud, including mainframes and other complex core systems with distributed databases and applications, in addition to empowering them to accelerate innovation with cutting-edge technologies available within the ecosystem. Currently, the company has operations across the US, EMEA, and APAC. With the newly-established partnership, mLogica now extends its solutions with Compass UOL in Brazil and Latin America. 

mLogica’s modernization solutions cater to the diverse modernization requirements of clients from different industries, such as: financial services, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, logistics, government, and others. The newly formed synergy among the three organizations will equip enterprises with end-to-end expertise to future-proof and digitally transform their operations. 


The Compass UOL-mLogica Differentiation  

Besides the great experience in building digital platforms and products, Compass UOL’s deep knowledge of the Brazilian market is now strongly complemented by mLogica’s proprietary modernization acceleration service, their ability to enable organizations and scale teams through automation, and years of technological expertise to lay a solid foundation for a successful partnership. 

“Compass UOL’s performance in building state-of-the-art digital platforms for customers reinventing their business models combined with mLogica’s legacy IT modernization tools can accelerate some of the most relevant digital transformation initiatives in Brazil and Latin America, and we can see these elements driving continuous and scalable innovation in these territories,” says Alexis Rockenbach, CEO of Compass UOL. 

“Our main differentiator is the ability to transform existing IT workloads for today’s cloud environments and enable our clients to accurately and cost-effectively modernize to gain the agility to thrive in the fast-evolving business landscape. With Compass UOL as our partner, customers will now enjoy end-to-end digital transformation solutions for upgrading their IT infrastructure and building disruptive technologies in their new modern environments,” concludes Amit Okhandiar, CEO and President of mLogica.

Fontes: AP News

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