Compass UOL adds Amazon Bedrock to AI Cockpit

Gives software projects a more efficient workflow, more precise documentation, and quality results faster. 

SAN FRANCISCO, NOVEMBER 21 – Digital services company Compass UOL announced today that it has added foundational model service Amazon Bedrock to its AI Cockpit software engineering suite, making it easier to create and deliver high quality AWS apps using generative AI.   

Since Compass UOL released AI Cockpit with the goal of helping enterprise squads use generative AI throughout the entire software development lifecycle, dozens of companies have used it to track and improve their projects on AWS. The addition of Amazon Bedrock, together with coding companion Amazon CodeWhisperer already in AI Cockpit, makes it easier for them to use specific AWS resources in their apps.  

AI Cockpit deeply connects these resources in the pursuit of effective communication and development on the cloud. Amazon Bedrock enhances the clarity and efficiency of documentation, while CodeWhisperer improves the quality of source code. Robust AWS infrastructure enhances this effective partnership, ensuring enterprise squads have the support needed for success. 

“We believe AI Cockpit brings an innovative approach to agile development,” said Compass UOL’s CEO Alexis Rockenbach. “In an agile world, efficiency and quality are crucial.” 

Customers can put AI Cockpit to many uses, he added. 

“We provide a tool that will change how you approach the creation of epics, stories, sub-tasks, and even the generation of source code from stories.”   

By using generative AI models from Amazon Bedrock’s API in conjunction with the Amazon CodeWhisperer plugin in tools like Visual Studio Code, AI Cockpit is a comprehensive solution to enhance software development, project management, or any other area that requires agile documentation: 

  • Amazon Bedrock: Enhancing Writing, Translation, and Correction. Amazon Bedrock is one of the key components in AI Cockpit’s innovative process. AI Cockpit harnesses advanced artificial intelligence models to improve the quality of writing, translation, and correction. Squads can now create user stories that are flawless in terms of syntax, cohesion, and clarity. Amazon Bedrock’s generative AI not only comprehends the context but also provides relevant suggestions to enhance stories, ensuring they are clearly understood by all parties involved. 
  • CodeWhisperer: Empowering Software Development. The other part of the equation is software development. Here to assist AWS developers, the CodeWhisperer plugin in Visual Studio Code becomes a powerful ally. This innovative plugin offers real-time suggestions to improve the app’s source code. It not only identifies potential errors but also provides solutions, saving time and ensuring code is of high quality from the start. 
  • Metrics and Insights: The Path to Continuous Improvement. Generating user stories and quality code is just the beginning. With the support of Amazon Bedrock, AI Cockpit’s metrics module provides process and work metrics to evaluate the team’s performance over time. It helps identify areas for improvement and drive continuous enhancements with concrete data at the squad’s fingertips. Agile cycles become even more agile when adjusted on solid insights. 

AI Cockpit is the simple and agile way to embrace generative AI with confidence. In conjunction with Amazon Bedrock and CodeWhisperer, AI Cockpit is the answer to improve all aspects of agile development. From creating user stories in the Scrum framework to developing high-quality code, AI Cockpit plays a vital role.  

Compass UOL will be at AWS re:Invent 2023 in Las Vegas to share more about AI Cockpit and other resources to help take software development to the next level. 

About Compass UOL 

Compass UOL is a global digital transformation services company. We design and build digital native platforms using cutting-edge technologies to help companies innovate, transform their businesses, and thrive in their industries. We cultivate the best talent, creating opportunities to improve people’s lives and focusing on how disruptive technologies can positively impact society. 

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