Compasso UOL announce Cloud Technologies Innovation Studios with AWS Professional Services

Compasso UOL extends their global strategic collaboration with Amazon Web Services to create Cloud Technologies Innovation Studios to provide customers with end-to-end digital transformation services.


São Paulo, March 26th, 2021 – Compasso UOL and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Professional Services announced a strategic collaboration to create a Cloud Technologies Innovation Studios where talent from both organizations will deliver digital services to their customers, resulting is innovative solutions, products, and services. Whether they are motivated by a disruptive market or they are trying to adapt to rapid changes in customer behavior in an ever-changing environment, organizations are thinking about new ways to learn more about their customers to more effectively solve their problems. These studios will combine the most advanced AWS cloud technologies and Compasso UOL’s agile culture to execute application modernization initiatives for global enterprises engaged in transformational projects. This collaboration will help organizations innovate to make better data driven decisions, solve business challenges, and create new business value. The two companies have been working together since 2016, jointly supporting global organizations like Natura&Co, to drive digital transformation and innovation for their customers.


“Compasso UOL has been Natura’s partner for many years, supporting the building and the continuous transformation of Espaço Digital Natura, our e-Commerce platform designed to accelerate the digital business globalization strategy for our end-customer journey. With the redesign and modernization of our Commerce Platform’s new front-end, rebuilt on an AWS, we have significantly expanded our ability to make solutions that are much more robust and scalable. AWS and Compasso UOL have worked together to support us during this journey and brought us learnings that challenged us to optimize our digital assets’ critical aspects. This joint effort helped Natura to increase its capacity to deliver innovation at a much higher speed, an essential factor for our business’s success in this new digital world we live in. This successful experience working together began to expand to the other Natura &Co companies that also need highly disruptive solutions to their digitalization and innovation challenges”, said Luciano Abrantes, CTO, and Digital Innovation Latin America at Natura&Co.


Cloud Technologies Innovation Studios accelerates Digital Transformation

Modernizing critical applications and moving workloads from on premise environments is a vital step to enable digital transformation initiatives, and can be challenging for most companies. Typical IT departments deal with an overload of demands and daily problems and cannot always act on their business’s innovation, growth and development goals. Despite their prioritization of these initiatives, companies may not have the necessary resources or required skillsets. With AWS Professional Services, Compasso UOL’s Cloud Technologies Innovation Studios is designed to play a crucial role in helping customers transform how they innovate and build new business solutions. They combine agile culture, state-of-the-art technology, and hands-on mentoring of customers’ teams on the skills and capabilities required to deliver business acceleration.

The Cloud Technologies Innovation Studios also provide different knowledge-based platform accelerators, including software frameworks running on top of AWS, to facilitate and accelerate solution delivery to customers. With this approach, customers can benefit from Compasso UOL and AWS Professional Services specialists’ experience, helping their teams to conquer learning curves on modern technology and agile culture.

Relying on a team of 2000+ digital specialists, the Cloud Technologies Innovation Studios’ business model stands out by providing a truly collaborative end to end practice of the agile culture, and uses Value Stream Mapping (VSM), a lean-management method, to provide visibility of all the essential metrics and KPIs of the work process necessary to deliver value from start to finish.

“VSM became the cornerstone of the agile culture at Compasso UOL and has inspired the creation of a set of tools and processes named Agile Cockpit, a Compasso UOL platform. It allows a governed and metric-driven agile approach to bring maturity to business transformation. Our teams use VSM to redefine and rapidly build new business strategies, cloud migration roadmaps, application, and infrastructure optimization, and also to align initiatives to customer’s value proposition and business objectives”, says Alexis Rockenbach, Compasso UOL COO. 


Scaling Innovation Teams and Giving Back.

Innovation Studios combine Compasso UOL and AWS teams of highly specialized and experienced professionals to address customer’s demands for quickly building new squads with the right skillsets. Customer resources involved in the Cloud Technologies Innovation Studios projects are continuously learning and improving their capabilities to lead and guide their organization through its transformation journey.

The Cloud Technologies Innovation Studios have inherited several programs focused on talent development such as “Compasso Academy, Fast-Track and Scholarship Programs”, which have been in place for several years. They are delivered through partnerships with more than 15 well-recognized regional universities spread around the country. This strategy has allowed Compasso UOL to expedite aligning talented technically-skilled professionals, and be prepared for growth.

“Since our early years as a company, we always relied on building our teams by searching for talent within university communities. We observed that hundreds of very skilled professionals, once graduated, had to move to bigger cities to explore their full career potential. In response to that, for more than a decade, Compasso UOL has been growing its investments in building its knowledge organizations and Innovation Studios outside of larger cities, close to well-recognized academic communities. This process generates sustainability and development opportunities for the communities where Compasso UOL locates their studios and is committed to giving back to society with its growth.” says Alexis Rockenbach, Compasso UOL COO. 


Cloud Technologies Innovation Studios contribution to Exponential Growth

Beginning from Compasso UOL’s 15 current talent hubs in Brazil, this new collaboration between AWS Professional Services and Compasso UOL can enable significant business development acceleration, having the potential to expand to dozens of new hubs in Latin America in the short term, and other regions in the future. This effort enables customers to extend their application and infrastructure teams with AWS Professional Services and Compasso UOL, and become exponentially scalable. No physical buildings are required for the Cloud Technologies Innovation Studios teams to work. One hundred percent of the work is done “virtually”, connecting teams through agile tools, enabling real-time communication in a modern and collaborative way, providing an optimal environment to perform and deliver business transformation solutions.

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About Compasso UOL

Compasso UOL is a company that nurtures great talent and uses state-of-the-art technologies to build digital transformation solutions helping customers to thrive and disrupt their industries.

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