Compass UOL launches its OpenVerse platform and enables teams and customers to work from the Metaverse

  • Designed by its Real-time 3D and Gaming Innovation Studio, the Compass OpenVerse platform is a metaverse open environment where work and social interaction mirror real-life experiences;
  • In its new phase of global expansion, Compass UOL has reinvented the way its own teams and its customer’s teams interact and work.


São Paulo, November 2021 — As the Metaverse is still generating buzz and many definitions surround the discussion on what it will look like, Compass UOL, a global digital transformation company, launches its OpenVerse platform as an immersive universe, which is open by definition, and enables its own team, as well as its clients’s workforce, to use extended, augmented and virtual reality to execute their projects. The new tool was designed by Compass UOL’s Real-time 3D & Gaming Innovation Studio, which brings gaming technology to enterprise applications.

The company started implementing immersive social experiences within its Innovation Studios, based on a vision that these technologies could redefine the online retail customer experience. Compass UOL has, since then, been helping global customers to build apps and platforms that allow consumers to have immersive experiences in online stores which replicate the space and feelings of a real-world shopping experience. Compass UOL does that by using the same multiplayer mode of gaming platforms to allow people to experience shopping with their friends or family members within these apps.

“At Compass UOL, we have moved to the next level as we bring innovation to how people can work on a daily basis. With the pandemic, home-office became a necessity, and a reality for millions of professionals globally. Everyone has been impacted, at different levels, with psychological effects of spending so much time focused on work. And what people have been lacking the most when working from home, is the social experience of real-presence interaction at the office”, says Andre Nedia, head of Real-time 3D at Compass UOL.

“Now we can say that we have mitigated part of that odd-feeling by allowing people to work from this immersive environment, where it seems closer to being at your office sitting beside your colleagues,” explains the executive.

Compass UOL has been using the platform on its live meeting events for a while, and is now planning to expand and include all its employees in an evolving program to extend the platform to all the company. During the following months, Compass UOL’s teams will be able to perform larger parts of their daily work through the OpenVerse, including their interaction with clients’ teams who also join the platform. The OpenVerse platform runs on the cutting-edge Quest 2 technology by Oculus, a Meta company.

“We are adding the Quest device to the home office kit, along with the company laptop and other items, to all current and new employees who achieve their OpenVerse badge. To earn the badge, employees must complete training and certification programs created to encourage them to keep pace with the latest cutting-edge digital technologies”, explains Alexis Rockenbach, CEO at Compass UOL.

“We are just starting to try out this new era. At Compass UOL, we believe Immersive technologies are here to stay and will redefine the meaning of digital in our lives”, he adds.

About Compass UOL

Compass UOL is a pure-play digital transformation services specialist. We design and build digital-native platforms using cutting-edge technologies to help leading global enterprises innovate, transform their businesses, and thrive in their industries. We nurture the best digital talent, creating opportunities to improve people’s lives and focusing on how disruptive technologies can positively impact society.

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