Compasso UOL: Powering the Digital Transformation of Brazil’s Largest Companies

Compasso UOL is laser-focused on the services and solutions that companies in Brazil need to achieve true digital transformation. Its customers include many of the country’s leading enterprises in a wide range of industries.

“We often speak at Compasso UOL of using the power of technology to reinvent the heart of the business,” says Cleyton Ferreira, CTO at Compasso UOL. “We focus on services and solutions that really enable digital transformation, whether it’s managed services like Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) and Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) that negate the need for traditional hardware-based approaches, or the adoption of innovations in advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, and IoT that have the potential to upend entire industries. And we offer a wide range of cloud-related solutions, including those that enable our customers to connect directly to a virtual infrastructure.”

While many companies speak of digital transformation, Brazil’s retail industry showcases the capabilities Compasso UOL brings to organizations intent upon disrupting their sectors. Serving nine out of ten of the country’s largest retailers, Compasso UOL has an extensive track record integrating retailers’ traditional infrastructure with disruptive technologies that make it possible to interact with customers in new ways.

“The retail industry offers a compelling example of how we enable organizations of all kinds to radically change how they do business and offer new products and services that deliver remarkable experiences for their customers,” says Ferreira. “For example, our customers can use our cloud offerings in conjunction with our big data and analytics solutions to personalize the online or multi-channel shopping experience, embrace our IoT offerings to improve production processes, and take post-purchase experiences to another level with chat bots that are powered by our machine learning applications. And all of this is done while enjoying the efficiencies and savings the cloud makes possible.”

Ferreira stresses that, regardless of the scope of the deployment, agility and security are crucial. A software-defined approach also helps because every layer of infrastructure can be delivered with software, whether it’s storage, servers, or even network configurations.

“One of the key benefits of being a strong partner with VMware is that customers know our VMware Cloud Verified services are trusted and proven,” he says. “Our customers look to us for the software-defined approach we make possible. They also know we can offer them private clouds with the same benefits of the public cloud in a customized and completely isolated or hybrid environment using the VMware technology they are familiar with and rely on. And with VMware, they know the security and control of critical applications is ironclad.”

That’s not to say that the cloud solves everything. Ferreira says some legacy workloads aren’t viable in the cloud, due to costs that don’t justify their migration. Even so, he sees the move to a software-defined approach only accelerating.

“CIOs increasingly want to get out of the data center business,” he says. “One of the areas where we’ll see the greatest demand for the cloud in 2020 will be in cloud services and remote workspaces using DaaS. DaaS is yet another area where the cloud and a software-defined approach deliver exceptional, transformative benefits.”

Learn more about Compasso UOL and its partnership with VMware here.



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