Compass UOL Transforms Software Delivery Process with Amazon Q Integration

Compass UOL, part of AI/R, the AI/Revolution Group, has announced the integration of Amazon Q as one of their developer productivity tools into AI Cockpit. This effort marks a significant milestone in enhancing software development efficiency and productivity for IT and business professionals in financial services, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and other industries. 

AI Cockpit, Compass UOL’s flagship software engineering platform, now features an integration to Amazon Q Developer. This equips developers with an advanced, generative AI-powered software development assistant, streamlining the development process and opening new possibilities for relevant quality and efficiency gains. Amazon Q Developer generates highly accurate code, can have a conversation about that code, tests, debugs, troubleshoots, performs security scans and fixes, filters out code suggestions that may be considered biased or unfair, and has multi-step planning and reasoning capabilities that can transform and implement new code generated from developer requests. Its Agents capability, which currently holds the highest ranking on the SWE-Bench Leaderboard at 13.82%, can autonomously perform a range of tasks–from implementing features, documenting, and refactoring code, to performing software upgrades. With the AI Cockpit and Amazon Q Developer integration, developers can expedite the entire process from discovery to final product delivery, dramatically improving the time-to-market of digital platforms. 

Amazon Q’s integration into AI Cockpit has already garnered widespread adoption among customer teams working with Compass UOL’s Gen AI PoC factory, which delivers scalable and repeatable industry use-case implementations using Gen AI. It also has become an essential tool in mandatory training paths for professionals enrolled in Compass UOL’s scholarship programs, underscoring its importance in driving efficiency and innovation. 

“We are excited to integrate Amazon Q into AI Cockpit, further enhancing the capabilities of our software engineering platform,” said AI/R Global CEO Alexis Rockenbach. “With Amazon Q integration, developers experience significant improvements in efficiency and productivity, leading to accelerated software delivery timelines and enhanced code quality”. 

The use of AI Cockpit is now augmented with Amazon Q, and has resulted in remarkable efficiency gains, including an average reduction of 53% in Cycle Time and Touch Time. Developers have experienced notable improvements in development speed and code quality. This integration is also an essential part of expediting the process. 

Compass UOL has achieved the AWS Generative AI Competency. This specialization recognizes the company as an AWS Partner that helps customers advance services, tools, and infrastructure pivotal for implementing generative AI technologies. 


About AI/R 

AI/R Group is an AI powerhouse comprised of six leading global brands: Compass UOL, Avenue Code, Invillia, Everymind, Webjump and Edgy. It employs over 5,400 people worldwide. AI/R Group designs and builds cutting-edge platforms using innovative technologies augmented by the power of Data, AI, and Gen AI to unlock client’s digital transformation potential. AI/R Group helps global enterprises innovate and thrive in their industries while nurturing the best talent, creating opportunities to improve people’s lives, and focusing on how AI can positively impact society.

Fontes: Yahoo Finance

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