Compass UOL Launches D2E for Retail Program with AWS at NRF 2024

Compass UOL, a leader in digital transformation, has launched its Data Driven Everything (D2E) for Retail Program, a significant step into the retail sector to enhance customer connections in the Gen AI era. 

In retail, efficiency and timing are crucial for large companies to gain market share and improve customer experience. Compass UOL’s D2E for Retail Program helps businesses like e-commerce, pharmacies, supermarkets, and consumer goods companies use their extensive databases for better customer personalization and engagement. 

At “NRF 2024: Retail’s Big Show”, Compass UOL is hosting exclusive activities and showcasing solutions that add value to the retail sector. The program focuses on helping retail decision-makers use data to create new products and shift business strategies. This initiative builds on AWS’s Data Driven Everything (D2E) Program, leveraging Compass UOL’s expertise in AWS services and technology accelerators.  

Key results of the D2E for Retail Program could include: 

  1. Hyper-personalized recommendations to increase cart size and cross-selling. 
  2. Product demand forecasting for inventory optimization. 
  3. Predicting customer churn and lifetime value to retain customers. 
  4. Anticipating delivery failures to manage costs and keep promises. 
  5. Dynamic pricing systems for revenue growth and customer retention. 

Compass UOL has implemented its retail solutions at Pague Menos, a large Brazilian pharmacy chain. The project involved developing a recommendation system to enhance customer engagement and sales. Thanks to Amazon Personalize and Compass UOL’s AI accelerators, the solution provided personalized product recommendations to over a million users, handling over 40,000 SKUs. The proof of concept was completed in less than 60 days. 

“Compass UOL is a true partner who worked closely with us to understand our business needs and develop a solution that met our specific requirements,” said Jonathan Reis, head of Data at Pague Menos. “We’re confident that this partnership will continue to be successful in the future.”  

Compass UOL offers ready-to-deploy data engineering and AI accelerators, customizable to each client’s specific needs and data environment. The company positions itself as a partner in creating digital products, offering tailored solutions that are scalable, cost-effective, and time efficient. 

At NRF 2024, Tiago Splitter, former NBA star and current Houston Rockets coach, will discuss the impact of Generative AI at Compass UOL’s booth. Compass UOL’s clients will also visit Amazon’s Fulfillment Centers to see the integration of staff, robotics, and AWS in fast package delivery.  

Visit Compass UOL’s Retail and Marketplace team NRF’24, Booth#1407, to learn about D2E for Retail Program, D2E, AI Cockpit, Conversational AI, Headless Commerce, Contact Center Automation, and Compass Seller Portal.  


About Compass UOL 

Compass UOL is a global company that drives Enterprise Transformation through Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technologies. We design and build digital native platforms using cutting-edge technologies to help companies innovate, transform their businesses, and thrive in their industries. We cultivate the best talent, creating opportunities to improve people’s lives and focusing on how disruptive technologies can positively impact society. 

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