Compass UOL is named a leader in four quadrants of the ISG AWS Ecosystem report, highlighting Gen AI solutions

AI Cockpit, now available in the U.S., was recognized in ISG Provider LensTM AWS Ecosystem Partners Brazil 2023 report.

The ISG Provider LensTM AWS Ecosystem Partners Brazil 2023 report named Compass UOL a leader in AWS Data Analytics and Machine Learning, citing software engineering suite AI Cockpit as a way for customers to apply generative AI to improve their business performance.  

Industry analyst ISG Provider LensTM quadrant reports analyze hundreds of providers relative to their peers in specific market segments based on their portfolio attractiveness and competitive strength, with leaders ranking best across both axes. 

Besides AI Cockpit, other strengths that made Compass UOL a leader in AWS Data Analytics and Machine Learning are data analytics structures, which cover all AWS solutions and services, and a new lakehouse accelerator, which allows data scientists to develop and test new data sources on AWS.  

In total, the report names Compass UOL a leader in four market segments in Brazil for offerings also available to U.S. customers: 

  1. AWS Data Analytics and Machine Learning: the report says Compass UOL helps customers turn data into valuable business strategies, whether to reinvent processes or accelerate transformation.  
  2. AWS Consulting Services: per the report, Compass UOL strengths are its knowledge and experience in digital transformation, a close and extensive business relationship with AWS, and the innovation co-studios.  
  3. AWS Migration Services: the report recognized Compass UOL’s high engagement from start to finish of customer cloud migration journeys.  
  4. AWS Managed Services: the report found that Compass UOL fully connects cloud envisioning, management, and improvement to customers’ business goals.  

Compass UOL made six acquisitions to help global customers with their digital transformation projects, the latest of which was San Francisco-based software consulting agency Avenue Code in November 2022. The company now comprises nearly 6,000 software engineers worldwide.  

About Compass UOL 

Compass UOL is a global company that drives Enterprise transformation through Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technologies. We design and build digital native platforms using cutting-edge technologies to help companies innovate, transform their businesses, and thrive in their industries. We cultivate the best talent, creating opportunities to improve people’s lives and focusing on how disruptive technologies can positively impact society. 

Fontes: Yahoo Finance

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