Compass UOL Achieves the AWS Generative AI Competency

Compass UOL, a global leader in enterprise digital transformation services through artificial intelligence (AI) and digital technologies, announced today that it has achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Generative AI Competency. This specialization recognizes Compass UOL as an AWS Partner that helps customers and the AWS Partner Network (APN) drive the advancement of services, tools, and infrastructure pivotal for implementing generative AI technologies. 

Achieving the AWS Generative AI Competency differentiates Compass UOL as an AWS Partner that has demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success in solving optimization and efficiency challenges in business processes and driving automation and intelligence across the entire customer operational journey. Compass UOL possesses the experience and expertise demonstrated through successful projects addressing customer challenges using generative AI solutions. These solutions enable digital transformation strategies for augmenting the customer experience, delivering hyper-personalized and engaging content, streamlining workflows, and delivering actionable results powered by generative AI technology from AWS. 

“We are very proud to achieve the AWS Generative AI Competency. Our team is dedicated to helping customers increase operational efficiency, achieve digital transformation, and improve the decision-making with agility, breadth of services and pace of innovation that AWS provides,” said Alexis Rockenbach, Global CEO of Compass UOL.  

The AWS Competency Program aims to assist customers in connecting with AWS Partners who possess extensive knowledge and technical expertise in using AWS technologies and best practices to adopt generative AI. These AWS Partners facilitate the seamless integration and deployment of AWS-based solutions to meet the unique needs of all customers, from startups to global enterprises.  

Compass UOL recognizes generative AI to be driving a new tipping point for the IT industry, impacting all industries and organizations globally. This digital revolution has a potential transformational impact comparable to the creation of the Internet and the advent of cloud computing technologies. The company builds robust solutions with the most innovative technologies, using AI, machine learning, and generative AI for smarter and more innovative creations for automated content, personalized user interactions, and greater operational efficiency. 


About Compass UOL 

Compass UOL is a global company that drives Enterprise transformation through Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technologies. We design and build digital native platforms using cutting-edge technologies to help companies innovate, transform their businesses, and thrive in their industries. We cultivate the best talent, creating opportunities to improve people’s lives and focusing on how disruptive technologies can positively impact society.  

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