A silent war: technological strategies to face digital risks and fraud

In an increasingly digitized world, electronic transactions have become the backbone of financial and commercial interactions. However, this growing trend and dependence has not gone unnoticed by hackers, who specialize almost in real time to exploit vulnerabilities, causing significant losses. In this article, we will explore the constant evolution of the risks of electronic transactions and how robust solutions, such as AWS Fraud Detector, can offer advanced technology to win this silent war. 

Before discussing solutions, it is important to understand how the evolution of electronic transactions has brought with it a constantly changing risk landscape. Skilled hackers are looking for loopholes to infiltrate systems, access sensitive information and commit financial fraud. Attacks can range from phishing and identity theft attempts, social engineering to data manipulation and large-scale invasions. 

In this silent war full of threats, it is virtually impossible to combat massive attack volumes with purely manual processes. As attacks grow, the immediate reply will be to tighten up exposed processes and journeys involving electronic transactions to reduce risks. This common response, adopting a more conservative approach sure reduces fraud but also the conversion rate, making it so that true and legitimate transactions get lost in this complex environment. In the face of this strategic risk, it is crucial to adopt technological solutions that offer effective and large-scale protection, with efficient and automated processes. 

Thinking about this scenario, Compass UOL, through AWS Fraud Detector, has designed an advanced solution combining cognitive analysis of Data & Analytics with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze behavior patterns and detect suspicious activity. 

By analyzing and understanding the volume of data provided by legitimate and fraudulent transactions, our machine learning system, together with AWS Fraud Detector, accurately identifies current and predictive fraudulent activity. 

By combining this cognitive data analysis with AWS Fraud Detector, we strengthen fraud prevention. Our solution uses machine learning models powered by historical and real-time data to identify anomalous behavior and fraud patterns so that cognitive analysis can then examine unstructured data, finding subtle fraud clues. With customizable rules, the solution addresses both obvious and subtle behaviors, enhancing security in real time. 

Adopting a solution combining Data & Analytics with AWS Fraud Detector brings the security your business needs. In addition to providing a solid defense against fraud, it also reduces false positives, avoiding unnecessary inconvenience for legitimate users. With its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, you can configure and customize fraud detection rules to meet your company’s specifications. 

The era of electronic transactions has brought with it significant challenges in terms of security and trust. However, innovative technology partners, such as Compass UOL and AWS, are ready to face them and fight this silent war alongside their customers. 


*The opinions expressed here reflect my personal opinion and not necessarily the opinion of Compass UOL. 

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